The sour cherries

Dear Reader,

Yesterday I found in a small Turkish shop, near to my working place, a box with fresh sour cherries. Small, dark-red, waiting for me in a corner. It was the last box. In the beginning  I did not know if they were my loved sour cherries. So, I look around me, left, right, and I found the courage to taste one. It was that childhood taste of staying with a bowl full of sour cherries in front of the TV, watching La Tour de France. So, I took the box and go happily to pay them. My first box with sour cherries for this year. 20205528_10212236967552137_1055006380_o

It is good to know that we don’t have sour cherries so often here in Germany. In Switzerland neither. Last time when I ate them when than C and A visited me and bring me a good portion from Romania, knowing that these are my favorite fruits.

Because of that, yesterday I had the feeling that Munich becomes a little bit my home. And it was a good feeling.

Many greetings,


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