The laundry

Dear Reader,
Some streets distance from where I live, there is a laundry that I use quite regularly. It is like in movies. You pay, put the clothes inside the machine and wait in front of it that the time passes so that you can take clean clothes at the end.

There are days in which I take the laptop with me to work there, while I am waiting. Or I make some shopping at the Rewe next to it. Or I just watch people. They are all kind of people who are coming here. Old and young, German and tourists, students and people who are probably at their first job and want to look professional at the office. Today it was at the laundry a guy who left home with a dozen good smelling and fresh shirts. Or people like me who don’t have yet a washing machine home. Or don’t live in a building with a commune washing machine for all the inhabitants.

There is always someone in the Laundry. Even early in the morning when the price is a little bit cheaper. Or on a Sunday, when you can suppose that people have completely other plans than washing. But even if it is always someone there, there is also always a free washing machine. I never had to wait.

Even it is sound strange, I like to go there and washing the clothes. Maybe because of the people who I had the chance to notice there. Maybe because of the feelings of accomplishment that I have, writing while I am sitting in my corner, at the window, waiting that the program ends. Maybe because of the strange feeling of liberty that you have been there. A fresh adult in charge of household responsibilities.

Many greetings from the laundry,


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