The cat´s cafe

I had my first cat when I was 14 years old. A sleepy cat who could sleep all day and night long everywhere: on my pillow, on my grammar or literature books, in my suitcase when I planned to go somewhere. I had him for almost 14 years until he died, while he was….sleeping. And sometimes I miss him.

One day, I heard at our German class about a cafe shop in Munich where they have cats. Not posters with cats hanging on the walls, but really, fluffy, sleepy cats. So yesterday I was with B. to see the cats with our own eyes. And caress them.

In the beginning, I didn’t see any cat. I thought that maybe I didn’t understand correctly and it is one of those places where you can come and drink a coffee and take the cat with you because you don’t want to let her home alone.

But 2 minutes later, I start to notice them. One hidden in a corner. One sleeping in a basket. And until the end, I had the chance to see all six of them: Ayla, Balou, Gizmo, Jack, Robin, and Saphira. All of them abandoned cats who found a home in this coffee shop.

When they are not sleeping, they explore. They smell your backpack. Your bag. Your shoes. They want to know who is the stranger in their house. And they want that you know you are the boss. If you are lucky enough, Ayla will jump on your table. Or she will make the tour of the shop until she will find her place on the shelf above your head.


Robin and Saphira will play and fight one against each other. After that, they will wash their fur. And they will fight again. Or they will go to sleep. They will open half of the eye when you want to caress them. And if you are a good man, they will let you continue.IMG_20170823_195503

While you are drinking your coffee or juice, and eating your tasty cake or salad, you can take a break and start to search the other cats: Balou, Gizmo, and Jack. You can find them under a table, in front of the toilet, in a basket (there is Jack, who has only 3 legs), walking on the suspended part of their playground. You can touch them, you can’t even take pictures (without blitz), but it is not allowed to feed them. So you can eat without any problem what you ordered.

I stay there 2 hours, talking and sharing stories with B., studying the cats and remember why I like them so much. Or why I loved my cat so much.

I will return here for sure.

Greetings from Katzen Tempel,


Technical details

Name: Katzen Tempel

Adress: Türkenstr. 29

80799 München

Menu: Vegan

Prices: Affordable

Mention: If you want you can buy some souvenirs when you leave. Or give a tip which will be transformed into food for cats.

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