Postcard to a younger self

Dear C, I imagine you smiling while you notice this envelope on the small table next to your bed. It is good to have someone thinking of you in this kind of big and unknown city. On this first day of your new life here. And they are some things that I would like you…

First day of biking tour: Munich- Murnau

Dear R, Working to change the philosophy: “one day I will do that and that” with ” today, this week, this month I will do this and this”, I decided some weeks ago that this weekend I will go in my first more days bike tour.

My first Tango lesson

Dear R, Today I took my first spontaneous tango class. It is said that beautiful things happen when you expect less. Or when you don’t expect them at all. Like when in an absolutely normal evening someone comes to you and ask you if you want to dance the tango.

Boulderwelt West

Dear R, Today it was the day of open doors at Boulderwelt West. Good reason for exploring a new bouldering gym. And what a good time to explore it than a Saturday evening when the gym is empty and you have almost all the routes only for you. Even those a little bit harder that…