First day of biking tour: Munich- Murnau

Dear R,
Working to change the philosophy: “one day I will do that and that” with ” today, this week, this month I will do this and this”, I decided some weeks ago that this weekend I will go in my first more days bike tour.
Today was the first day. And almost every pedal remembered me why I like so much to go by bike. The forest shining in the sun, the smell of the forest after the rain, the smell of wood freshly cut, the mountains that you could see at the end of an uphill, the smiles of the bikers.32560285_10214601130134724_5292825156777934848_n Today I had some bonuses too: rain mixed with sun, sunshine cutting the clouds, that moment when you arrive to recognize a mountain peak from Bavaria after its shape and my Couchsurfer host passionate about classical music and hikes who waited for me at the entry in the city.
I am curious how it will be tomorrow.
Biking greetings,

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