Third day of bike tour: Garmisch-Mittenwald

Dear R, After three days in a row of biking, I can say that going by bike is like learning to know yourself. That same as you learn which combination of speeds fits the best when you go up, when you go down or when you ride on a flat area, you learn, pedal by…

First day of biking tour: Munich- Murnau

Dear R, Working to change the philosophy: “one day I will do that and that” with ” today, this week, this month I will do this and this”, I decided some weeks ago that this weekend I will go in my first more days bike tour.

Biking bare foot

Dear R, Today I biked to work, to boulder gym and back. But this is not something unusual. Today I biked through rain and in bar foot. And that was something new. When I left the office, it started to pour rain.