Third day of bike tour: Garmisch-Mittenwald

Dear R,
After three days in a row of biking, I can say that going by bike is like learning to know yourself. That same as you learn which combination of speeds fits the best when you go up, when you go down or when you ride on a flat area, you learn, pedal by pedal what fits you and what not. Or maybe something fits you but you need some upgrades. Like when you discover that you like the MTB area, with all the uphill and downhill and the concentration of finding your way between the rocks, but for your bike, it is too much for the moment. Me and my bike, we like to try new things only for discovering that we have to train more. Or to expand the horizons. Today, thanks to the bike, I discovered again that I like complicated things. Like to do that part of the route where the guide recommends you to take the train. And when you have to push hard 5 km, you understand why. Yeah, I like complicated things and I learn to live with that.33035651_10214608559680458_4287703136207896576_o
Beyond the lessons which my bike gave to me, today was about Partnachklamm and how beautiful and wild the water can be. About that moment when you push your bike to arrive at Eibsee and you make a break at every 100 m, eat a piece of chocolate, or a carrot, for gaining some extra energy and keep going. About finding a bus stop exactly when the rain starts to be stronger and that moment when you just watch how it is raining. And you wonder how beautiful it is. About the mountains again and again, all around you. And wildflowers. About an evening finished with a classical music concert because your Couchsurfer host this time is a girl who is making violins. And never miss a concert in Mittenwald.

Musical greetings,


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