Hugendubel – a bookshop to remember

Dear R,
I like the bookshops. Books everywhere. All the domains. All the languages. Books with colorful pages and full of worlds to discover. That is why one of my favorite places in Munich is the big Hugendubel bookshop from Karlsplatz Stachus.
Three floors of books. And stairs or chairs (now they have a coffee shop as well) where you can sit conformably and enjoy a book. Or more books. Like when you don’t know which one of them to buy. Or when you want to make your plans for holidays and you don’t want to buy all the touristic guides. Or when you are in the process of learning German and you make yourself courage by reading some children stories books. 15123194_10209959686781541_8750516116899810399_o
Don’t hesitate to visit it, if you ever pass through Munich.
Literary greetings,


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