The people of Munich

Dear R,

In the last days when I was quite dependent on others and super slow (going with crutches it is not the easiest thing on the world. Especially at the beginning) I discovered that one of the things that I like a lot about this city is the people. Perfect strangers or friends. Bus drivers who are seeing and wait that you can finally make those last 50 meters and going up in the bus. Car drivers who are asking you if they could drive you somewhere. Persons who are let you be the first one when you want to buy something. Persons who are giving you instantly a place in a crowded tram at 7:30 in the morning. Or who stop you to ask what happened to you and ask for permission to pray for you so that you can get well sooner. Or friends who are checking you daily to see how are you. Or making shopping for you. Or come to play board games with you so that the evenings be less boring. Munich is not only about old buildings, parks, and museums. But it is also about the people who are crossing the streets, visiting the museums, walking through parks. Beautiful people who are making some seasons bearable.
Slowly greetings,

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