I like to collect postcards. And to receive them off course. I started to collect them in High school. And since then I have filled 2 big boxes with postcards from different places that I visited or send by friends from different corners of the world. Meanwhile I discovered that I like also to write postcards and to send them. Postcards from different places that I visited. Postcards which surprise glimpses of emotions, experiences, memories, first impressions.

At the moment I am living in Munich. A city where are happening so many things that I could write a postcard daily. Not only on the beautiful streets of the city, crowded with bicycles but also in my daily life as expat who tries to find his way here.

Here you can read a series of virtual “postcards”: Trick and trips for adapting, where to find and buy different things, how difficult or challenging is to learn German, hiking and bicycling tours, how it is to live in the heart of Bavaria and much more.

Enjoy every postcards and smile!