Berge 150

Dear R,

I like a lot to go hiking. Or to read mountain stories. Or to see outdoor movies. To do all the things which are bringing the mountains closer during the week, or in one of those days when I can’t go hiking. This is why I arrived on one evening with heavy snow at the 150th anniversary of DAV to see their series of short outdoor movies.

Black and white or color movies. Funny, dramatic or patriotic. Inspired by real stories or build upon scripts. Movies about skiers, climbers, hikers passionate about a mountain peak, or a dream. Ready to fight until the end for seeing it real. Or tangible. People ready to go beyond their fears. Or beyond the bad weather. It would be hard to choose only one favorite movie because each one of them was different. And surprised another side of a hiker. Or of a skier. Or even of someone who never hiked but loved a lot the mountains and mountain people. And I never imagined that an outdoor movie from 1931 can have special effects. And skiers making all kind of tricks and acrobatic things. But, never underestimate a hiker or a skier, no? Next time when you have the chance to go and see a series of outdoor movies. You will laugh, cry, laugh again. And you will go home with the motivation that they are still so many things to learn and to try. Ski is the limit. Or the highest mountain peak.
DAV greetings,

Technical infos:

Program of the 150 Berge tour:

Price ticket: Between 12 and 15.5 Euro

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