The surfers

29662951_10156227778035349_5590398308546192060_o2077441827.jpgDear R,
They are some things and places which are giving to Munich a special color. The clock dancers from Marienplatz, The English Garden, Deutsches Museum ( I visited it three times already and I didn’t finish it), the Isar and….the surfers. Until I moved here I didn’t know that you could really surf in a city. And do it well. Eisbackwelle, the river surfing spot is one of my “motivational’’ places. I stop to watch them every time when my bike drives me in that direction. Usually on my way back from work. There is never a bad season for them. I saw them there on sunny days and rainy days. In winter and in summer. Early in the morning or late at night. They are there. Some of them are super profi. Others are still learning. Some of them are super confident. You can see this because of their barefoot on the surfboard. Or because of the way how they are jumping on the board. Other ones put one carefully the feet and start to flow. After some movements (shorter or longer) they fall into the water. And starting again. And again. Surfing is not only the balance but also about falling and repeating. Again and again. And about enjoying that flowing moment. And the cold water of Isar. Even on bar foot.
Surfy greetings,

Credit photo: @Oana Duma

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