Where are the people?

Maybe one of the most challenging things about moving to a new city, especially if you don’t know anyone here is where to find people. Those people with whom you can connect, interact and enjoy every moment of your new life. Who can motivate you to keep going. Or tell you where you can throw that type of garbage which doesn’t fit anywhere. I could give you some suggestions. kisspng-hug-free-content-clip-art-a-group-cliparts-5a852514cdc188.6275240315186752208428

I. The language classes

If you moved abroad and you don’t know the language or you don’t know it very well, for sure you will have to take some language classes. And there you can find some potential new friends. All of them they are new and are confronting probably with the same problems and have the same questions like you. What is the best telephone network option? Which is the best medical insurance? What is better: living in a shared flat or living alone? So you have at least 5 things in common for starting a discussion. And practicing the language.

II. Internations and MeetUp
Both of them are networking platform for newcomers and expats. Both of them offering the possibility of creating interest groups and organizing meetings. Or If you don’t want to stress too much with creating a group you can join already one of the existing ones. And they are many. It will be hard to not find at least one group which can fit your interest. They are cooking groups and hiking groups. Groups for freelancers and groups for people who just want to dance. Groups for people passionate by deep discussions and for those who want just to go out and chill with some nice people. Internations is a little bit fancy. You will have to pay a yearly tax for enjoying the services, having full access at the events and some facilities in the connection process. MeetUp is more friendly. And simple. And free. I use both of the platforms but the MeetUp is my favorite one. And there I found some of my best friends.

III. The church
If you are the type of person who goes to church regularly don’t hesitate to search for one once you moved into a new city. Maybe you can find even one with a liturgical program in your own language. Or you can find one in English. Or in the local language. Some of the churches have even programs to help newcomers to adapt to their new life. And to the new city. Or if not, you can find at least some friendly people who will make your life easier for some hours. And make you forget about the stress and challenges of life in a new city. And they can become in time your friends.

IV. Facebook Groups and Events
Using FB can have some advantages. Not only helping you to keep the connection with your people from home but also helping you find new ones. One of them could be searching for some interest groups. You can find the group of hikers or climbers from your new city. Or the group of writers. Or the fans of….the Indian culture. FB helped me to find my hiking people. And that bunch of strangers walking up early in the morning on Saturday and Sunday for hiking become my support group of amazing friends. FB offered you the chance to discover all kind of events in your city. Official one or un-official one. Like Yoga meetings in the park during the summer. Or vegan brunches. Or battles with snowballs in winter. Check periodically the event section on FB. You will find for sure at least one event you would like.

V. Couchsurfing
Offering your sofa to someone visiting your city is only one of the options that the Couchsurfing platform is offering. And it can be a good one if sometimes you feel that your room or apartment is too empty and you would like to share it with someone. And have the chance to hear nice stories, spend some quality time with some new people or even tasting some strange food. Couchsurfing is organizing also weekly events. Like weekly meetings. Or randomly concerts. Or workshops on different topics. Couchsurfing has also a platform where you can find a tandem for learning something. Or practicing the language that you are still struggling to learn at the moment.

These are the things that I tried and helped me to meet a lot of people. Some of them become in between my people. Or my very good and best friends. Or some very significative ones.

What are your ideas? Where do you find people in your new town?

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