The home feeling

Dear R,
They are some moments when you feel that a city starts to become yours. When you start to feel home. For me, it was that when I started to find my way on the bike, through the city, without asking Google how to arrive in that place.

When I started to know the streets. To understand that from this point I could arrive home using that way or even another one. To feel at ease knowing where to take it right or where to take it left. When I started to understand that if I keep going on this street. And after that, I keep going on the other one I could arrive faster.

At the beginning was a short distance. Like the one from home to the train station. Or to the city center. Until came that moment when I was with battery at my phone, at the end of a biking tour, somewhere at a margin of the city, and I had to figure a way to arrive home. It took me a lot of time. But that moment when I entered the door of my apartment was an amazing one. I knew that Munich starts to be my home.

Greetings from my second home,

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