The mountain from the middle of the city. Almost the middle. Or almost a mountain.

Dear R,

As you know me already I am a mountain addict. I could stay for hours just watching the mountains. The same amount of hours that I could spend hiking. I can’t arrive in the mountains as often as I would like. olympicberg2Like every day by example. So, for moments when I can’t go hiking but I would still like to enjoy the view of some real mountains. (Not the one from my postcards or posters) I go on Olympia Berg. Situated in the Olympic Park, this mountain not taller than 565m, is one of those spots which allows you not only the have a beautiful view of the city from above. But also to see the mountains. olympicbergEven very clear when the weather is good. Hiking on the top of Olympiaberg is one of those super easy hikes that you can do on an afternoon when do you don’t have the energy for anything else. And if there is a live concert on the Olympiastadion than the success of a great evening is guaranteed.mountainberg3 For me, the view of the mountains would have been enough but if you could have more than one thing, why not?

Olympic greetings,

Credit Photo

@Goutam K Tanti and @Thomas Siegler

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