The bouquet of tulips

Dear R,
Today, in my lunch break, I was to the shop to buy some food. And I came back with a bouquet of tulips. Perfect for a grey day. 0812213bb3a4c6c7a2796e46faffab0b
When I bought them, they were all crammed in paper and close. You could only guess their colors. I took them out of the paper, I put them in a big vase for having enough place and put the vase on my desk. Now, when I write, I look at them and I am wondered how beautiful they are. Maybe they needed only enough space. My tulips from home never open so much. The vase that I have don´t give them too much place for breath.
Looking at them, I think that maybe with people it works the same. They need only a lot of space for breathing so that they can open. A…and don’t forget to give them water from time to time.
Tulip greetings,

Photo source @Pinterest

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