Postcard to a younger self

Dear C, I imagine you smiling while you notice this envelope on the small table next to your bed. It is good to have someone thinking of you in this kind of big and unknown city. On this first day of your new life here. And they are some things that I would like you…


Dear R, A via ferrata (Klettersteig) is always a small battle with yourself. Starting with the preparation days, when the small voice inside of your head tells you that maybe you should stay home. Maybe it will be too hard. Maybe you are not good enough. Continuing with the moments when you are between 2…

The new week

Dear R, They are many ways to prepare for the week ready to start. Some people are organizing the program, preparing the clothes, planing a menu. For me, preparing for a new week means sometimes going to bouldering gym on a Sunday evening.

The bouquet of tulips

Dear R, Today, in my lunch break, I was to the shop to buy some food. And I came back with a bouquet of tulips. Perfect for a grey day.