Münchner Freiwilligen Messe

Dear R,

On Sunday I visited a fair designated for NGOs and volunteers. In fact, what else could you do on a cold Sunday morning at 11:00 ?

I visited stands, talked with people (in German :p ) and collected ideas. I heard stories from people who are really doing all these things. Who take time to teach kids, to organize events, to present seminars about a life without plastic, to rescue peoples affected by catastrophes. And the stories are the most motivational things. Because if you will find the motivation and enthusiasm you will find for sure some time as well. An after-noon. A Saturday or a Sunday.

At the moment I didnt start nothing. I am studying all the fliers that i took home with me. As soon as I decide for something, I will let you know.

Volunteering greetings,


Here you can find a list with all the NGOs participating at this event. If you ever want to try something.

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