Pinakotek der Moderne

Dear R,

I really believe that art museums are made for developing your creativity. Especially those of modern art. 15966024_10210519206969196_2033680122261550622_n
When you spend some hours in front of the painting made of 3 lines and 3 points and you try to figure out for yourself what did the painter wanted to express through that painting you are on a good way. Especially when the painting is called “No Title”. And it works. You think maybe it was something about the chaos from his head. Or the joy from his heart. Maybe a memory about a childhood painting. Or an unshared love. Or even something much deeper than that. Like the meaning of life. There is also the category of surprisingly, strange, bizarre paintings or installations. The ones that have a title. And a meaning. Something that didn’t cross your mind before. And you say to yourself that it is a surprising or courageous expression. And you are happy that you took your time before going there and discover it.

Painting greetings,

Technical details

Tickets: 10 Euro for adults, 7 Euro reduced, Free for the persons under 18 years, 1 Euro every Sunday
Programm: 10:00-18:00 Daily, excepting Thursday
Thursday – 10:00 – 20:00

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