French theater in…Munich

Dear R,
I enjoy each one of the moments when I have the chance to discover a new side o the city. A new color of it. A new corner that I didn’t know it exists. Like Theamter Tankstelle.

A nice bar decorated with posters of different theater spectacles and off course with a small theater hall where everything is played in front of your eyes. Like in your living room.
I was there some days ago with J to see a French theater play: Un air de famille. A play written by J.P Bacri et A. Jaoui, put into the scene by Valérie et Dieter Weidenfeld and played by Jean Renoir theater. The story about how it looks a Friday family dinner of a French family living in a small town. With their small dramas, unhappy moments, routines, and challenges. A satirical comedy that makes you laugh and admit a little bit to yourself that there is something there, between lines which looks like your life.
I enjoyed listening to everything in French. The feeling that I am understanding really every word. The laugh. The home filing offered by a small, casual theater hall. The joy of watching it with a friend.
Theatrical greetings,

Technical details

Adress: Am Einlaß 2a
80469 München

Price: 20-25 Euro / ticket

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