The student feeling

Dear R,

Did you remember how it was to be a student and to sit in an amphitheater brimming with students eager to listen to a very good teacher? This was my feeling when I was sitting in an amphitheater at LMU, listening to Ben Rhodes speaking about his book, about working with Barack Obama, about politics and life in general.

It was great to listen to him reading fragments from his book (he writes pretty well), sharing his thoughts and opening an imaginary door of a world more or less inaccessible. But above all, I liked his pro-active style. At the end of the conference, I took some things back home with me. His enthusiasm. The intention of reading and study more. The thought that no one can make changes in your place. If you want to change something in your life, or in the world around you, you are the person who should do this.
Student greetings,

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