Munich’s cinemas

Dear R,
Since I moved to Munich I discovered that I like to go to the cinema. Alone or with friends. Spontaneous or planned. In the weekend or during the week. Inside or at an open-air cinema. I was in full booked cinemas or in the empty ones. Yup. During the week, at almost 22:00 there are not so many people to the cinema. My favorite ones are the cinemas with a small hall, comfy chairs, and good sound. I don’t like the big ones where you have the feeling you get lost. Especially when they are not so many people inside. Must of the time I go to English movies. In original. At the English Cinema which is not very far from home. Or at Arena. Or Museum Lichtspiele (I tried a lot of cinemas) But from time to time I become courageous to see German ones as well. Or the English ones doubled in German. And I am surprised. Not only because I understand a big part of it. But also because of the story. European movies have always something special. And another meaning. Watching a good movie can be like a discussion with a wise friend. If you made a good choice you will for sure come back with a good lesson home

Picture goer greetings,


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