Dear R,
We are all carrying stories. Happy stories or sad ones. Rarely the happy stories transform in a song but still. Sunny stories or rainy ones. Stories about ourselves or people we love. Stories about the present people or the ones who are already beautiful stories. Love stories, magic stories, endless stories. Today I was at “The Folky side of town” to listen to songs and the stories between the lines and notes. All those songs that make you tick and remember you of something. Songs that make you smile or laugh hard or feel a small pain in the right side of your heart because all of them were a little bit about you. Today I was there to listen to people or bands that I never heard before (you can make yourself a nice surprise and search on Internet Dobra, Cosma Joy or Swango). And it was a nice feeling. The one that you have when you start to read a good story.
Greetings full of stories,

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