The Christmas city

Dear R,

I never imagined that it exists a place where you can really listen to Christmas songs and look at Christmas decorations in the middle of a hot summer day. IMGP4529This until I visited Rothenburg ob der Tauber. A small town at almost three hours and a half from Munchen. You have to change around 3 trains to arrive there but it is worth it. And not only because of the Christmas market. Rothenburg has an old city very well conserved. It was one of those who survived pretty well during WWII. So, after you finish to watch all the decorations from the Christmas area, you can start to enjoy other parts as well. IMG_1807Like walking on the ramparts, enjoying the small streets with old city air. Enjoy a cake in a café hidden beyond the wall. IMGP4430Enjoy the feeling that you are in fairytale city. Stay on the stairs of the city hall and watching the people passing. Tourists surprised as you by the city itself. Rothenburg is one of those places which are making you smile and feel like a princess of like a knight for some hours. Or even like Santa Claus on a summer holiday.
Christmas greetings,

Credit photo: Dorothea Mafteiu and Daphne Sourisseau

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