What could you do when you have a day off

Dear R,

I just finished to bike the 70 km until Bad Tolz. Sometimes along Isar. Sometimes crossing hills and small villages  with signs which remember you to increase the speed because they are kids going to school there. Bad Tolz it is a beautiful small city. With streets with colorful houses. Two or three streets like these. Enough for giving you the feeling that it is worthy to visit it. With an old church. And a small hill that allows you to see the mountains from the top. And off course a delicious ice cream. In fact they have 2-3 ice-cream shops in the center. The one that I tasted was good. I have to come back for checking the other ones as well. Bad Tolz is an open door. Direction tölzer Land. Direction mountains. Direction a lot of good surprises.

Tolzer greetings,


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