An English bookstore

Dear R,
You know already that I like a lot of book shops. And reading. Or reading in a book shop. I like the big ones where hundreds of books are sitting on the shelves like hundreds of promises. But I like the small ones as well.

Especially if they have a comfortable armchair and sunny windows. I discovered in my neighborhood an English bookstore. A second-hand book stores. The Munich Readery. With a comfortable armchair. Good chocolate. Sunny windows. And a sleeping dog. It is the first book-store dog that I ever saw. And above all these colorful and special details, you have huge shelves full of good books. Storybooks, fiction, biographies, phantasies, thematically books. It was hard to stop at buying only two books. Beyond the books and a friendly owner which is one ant the same person with the seller, the library offers a lot of activities. In English. But I will write you a separate postcard about it. Until next time….
Book-store greetings

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