Alter Nordfriedhof

Dear R,
On my way back home I pass daily next to a cemetery. I was always a little bit surprised about the people entering his gates with running equipment.

But, everyone is free to choose his running place, isn’t it?
Today I decided to enter it after I read that it is not practically a cemetery. Or it was to be but today is only a kind of open-air museum. Where you can still have to be reverent like in a cemetery. Inside you can find old tombstones. Artistically ones. Angels. Marble. Obelisks. Despite being a cemetery, is a very livable place. You have squirrels running between the tombs and climbing the trees. You have the birds singing. You have even a playground in a special corner (No tombstones there still). Like a sign that life keeps going. Or like a way of integrating all these dead people with their stories and their past in the present. Because the past is part of the story. Our story. My favorite tombstone was one hidden inside of a tree. The tree managed to hug it. To keep it alive. In a way.
Alter Nordfriedhof, the old cemetery from the north side, has many characteristics. Like it is the coolest place in the area in the summer days. Because of the big numbers of trees. Now I know why they are so many runners there in summer.
Greetings from Alter Nordfriedhof,

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