Banff Festival



Dear R,

This evening I arrived spontaneously to the Banff Outdoor Film Festival (thanks, H.). I never say no when someone invites me to an outdoor Film Festival.

I still remember that evening in Bern when I was for the first time at Banff. Alone, in a hall where I didn’t new absolutely no one. Happy that my love for mountains was bigger than my fear to go alone there. And happy that the movies were in English and not in swiss german. This time was a little bit different. I was with some of my climbing friends with whom I could comment on the movies between the lines and enjoy the break. But these type of movie is of course not only about the atmosphere from the hall but about the mood, passion, joy that those movies manage to transfer you. Passion for trying new things, for adventure, for surpassing your limits. Passion for taking more care of the nature around you. Passion for mountains and beautiful landscapes. Passion for people. Because all these movies are not only about hard routes and crazy adventures. Are about the people who manage to put themselves in the mood for doing all the things that we only dream about. Like running an Ironman. Crossing the Alps by bike. Explore a new territory. Even alone. As always, I could tell you that Banff experience was an inspiring one.

Banff greetings,

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