Oscar evening

Dear R,
I like to be part of something. Of an event. Of a group. Of a bunch of people gathering to do something together. I like to be there where the things are happening (like they are days when I like to be anti-social and stay home). Watching the Oscar ceremony at home, in front of your laptop, searching for all kind of more or less obscures website who transmit is one thing. Watching the same ceremony in a cinema hall with people with whom you can comment on the prices, movies etc is another one. So, when I saw on Internations website that there is a cinema in Munich where you can go and watch the ceremony and that is organized as well an event for expats with this occasion, I said to myself that I will go there for sure. So Sunday evening, I walked on the red carpet stretched in front of the entry in Monopol cinema and I enjoyed all the nights delicious cakes (they can be really helpful when you try not to fall asleep), the meaningful and deep Vice
(go and see it if you have the chance) and of course the ceremony. I will not speak here about how pink where the dresses, how no-salt some jokes, how exaggerated the emphasis put on the presences of women and afro-american people on the stage. I find sad to try to cover in only one evening & year what you missed to do for such a long time. Or about how more or less inspired where some prices. I will speak about my very vocal expression of joy when Jimmy Chin took the Oscar for Free Solo ( I think I was the only one shouting of joy in all the gym). About the freedom to comment the awards with the colleagues from the right or from the left. This is not something that you can do on a daily basis in a cinema. About the struggling to not fall asleep during all the publicity sessions (I think that all the publicity sessions put together were longer than the ceremony itself). Or about how to survive an entire working day after only two hours of sleep. I will stop here because already I wrote the longest postcard ever.
Oscar greeting,

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