First time

Dear R,

Probably you noticed already that I like to write. If you didn’t notice yet, just count the number of postcards you received. I like to write birthday wishes for friends, I like to write lessons that I learn. And sometimes I like to write just for myself. I never share what I write only for myself.

On Saturday evening I took one of those texts that I write only for me and I get to the monthly reading session organized by Munich Readery. I had the text in my bag but I was not sure if I want to read it or no. I laughed and wander while I was listening to the other ones. And questioned myself in the break between texts if my text is really good enough for being presented. In front of some people who don’t know me. Don’t know that I may have better texts than the one from my bag. Or who will gonna say nice things about my text because they like me. In the end, I stand up, I read and returned to my place. In was not only an exercise of bravery. It was also the surprise of hearing at the end some of the people who have listened, telling that they liked your text. The way in which you are turning the phrase. The image you build. The emotions your transmit. Maybe, in the end, my text, the one that I wrote only for myself, was not that bad. Maybe I will return next time to read something else.
Readery greetings,

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