Message on a postcard

Dear R, As a child, my parents used to tell me that there is only one step between laughing and crying, most of the time when I was in the middle of the game or of the most joyful moment.

First time

Dear R, Probably you noticed already that I like to write. If you didn’t notice yet, just count the number of postcards you received. I like to write birthday wishes for friends, I like to write lessons that I learn. And sometimes I like to write just for myself. I never share what I write…

Munich’s cinemas

Dear R, Since I moved to Munich I discovered that I like to go to the cinema. Alone or with friends. Spontaneous or planned. In the weekend or during the week. Inside or at an open-air cinema. I was in full booked cinemas or in the empty ones.

French theater in…Munich

Dear R, I enjoy each one of the moments when I have the chance to discover a new side o the city. A new color of it. A new corner that I didn’t know it exists. Like Theamter Tankstelle.