Message on a postcard

Dear R,

As a child, my parents used to tell me that there is only one step between laughing and crying, most of the time when I was in the middle of the game or of the most joyful moment.

And somehow I took this idea with me somewhere deep down in my heart. Learning to rejoice with the hidden fear that it will not last. Or the fear to not do something to destroy it. Or learning to rejoice with half heart. As if this could make the joy persist more. One day I found this #postcard in a shop.

A card with a simple text “Do not enjoy too late” And somehow it stuck with me. That sometimes we enjoy too late the things that could have been. With a nostalgic and a little bit bitter joy. Or we enjoy too late the things we lived in. Or too little. This week enjoy everything in time. And fullhearted.
Joyful greetings,


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  1. cooling says:

    So simple und gleichzeitig so wahr!

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