How to have a short holidays in the middle of the week

Dear R(eader),

I am sitting on the stairs at #friedensengel, admiring the view from above and enjoying the sounds, and voices of the city. It is my first time here. I saw this place quite often, but I never stopped here, focusing more on biking faster until the top and continue my way to work smoothly.

But today, it is one of those days when I felt the need of a holidays. And it is only Wednesday and I can’t go too far. So, I took my bike, I downloaded one of the guided tours offered by Sight seeing Munich, that I discovered recently, and it led me here. Exactly in this place for which I never had enough time.

I think this is one of the beautiful aspects of making a guided tour in the city where you live. It makes you stop and enjoy the things that you take for granted. And isnt this the best explinations for a hollidays?

Plus since you can have the tour on your phone, you can listen to the explanations and after that looking at the statue/building/street for minutes without somebody telling you to hurry. I finally found that type of guided tour that fits me perfectly. You know how much I like to stare at buildings and statues and to study each of their corners and nuances. And to imagine stories about them.

So, next time when you visit me, I will know to tell you the story of this statue and why a king choose an Angel of piece as symbol of a victory in a war.

But until than,

Friedenengel greetings,


P.s. I will continue my tour now, but I will keep sending you postcards from my afternoon hollidays

Technical details:

The tour that I made was Home of the rulers

Price: it depends on the tour you are downloading, but they are very affordable

Language: the tours are available in German and English

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