The home feeling

Dear R, They are some moments when you feel that a city starts to become yours. When you start to feel home. For me, it was that when I started to find my way on the bike, through the city, without asking Google how to arrive in that place.

Day 6 in the Dolomites

Dear R, I like to believe that people are coming in our life at a certain point, with a certain mission. Some of them for teaching us some things or to help us to pass through a difficult time.

Happy jelly

Dear Reader, Sometimes during the lunch break, I go to buy a Salad from the Netto close to my office. Some days a salad is enough.

The sour cherries

Dear Reader, Yesterday I found in a small Turkish shop, near to my working place, a box with fresh sour cherries. Small, dark-red, waiting for me in a corner. It was the last box. In the beginning¬† I did not know if they were my loved sour cherries. So, I look around me, left, right,…