Day 6 in the Dolomites

Dear R,

I like to believe that people are coming in our life at a certain point, with a certain mission. Some of them for teaching us some things or to help us to pass through a difficult time. Some of them remain them on the long-term and become our best friends. Other stays for a season or even for one day. Or two. Today I meet again my french hiking buddies just before the start of the difficult part of the route. And just before the start of the rain. And it was good to have them around.
Today was one of my favorites routes until now. One with a narrow path, mountains all around, cables, rocks and a little bit of scrambling. A short one. I stopped early at a hut in the middle of nowhere, because of the weather. I wanted to enjoy the next part of the route not only to survive to it, so I decided to stop.39193579_10215216589360820_6040936222686183424_n

Dolomites greetings,


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