Day 10 of Dolomites

Dear R, The Dolomites are full of surprises. You never know what you will find on the other side of the path. Sometimes a cloud, a marmot or a spot of flowers.

Day 9 of Dolomites

Dear R, Yesterday was about strength. Mental strength. Because solo-hiking is more than just physical strength. It is about the mental strength of controlling your thoughts. Not let them focusing on how far is the end and how difficult the path looks like.

Day 8 in the Dolomites

Dear R, Yesterday (too tired to write something after almost two stages of Alta Via2 in one day) was about signs. When you are hiking alone the signs, in my case the red-white strips, are one of the most faithful companions. You find them at almost every corner, on the rocks or trees. You find…

Day 7 in the Dolomites

Dear R, Yesterday  was about hights. The highest official point of Alta Via2, my first chamois and edelweiss here in the Dolomites, high hut friends who are making your life easier when you have to pass challenging cable parts. But sometimes, you have to cross the high cables parts alone.