Day 9 of Dolomites

Dear R,
Yesterday was about strength. Mental strength. Because solo-hiking is more than just physical strength. It is about the mental strength of controlling your thoughts. Not let them focusing on how far is the end and how difficult the path looks like.
But focusing on founding the next sign. And go until there. A hike is made from small hikes from one sign to another. Or about the mental strength of not thinking about nothing when you are on that gravel which looks without end and just moving all the time from a rock which looks stable on the rock which looks stable. Like in climbing. You don’t spend too much time on difficult routes. You just try to go as fast as possible out of there. Yesterday was about a very sunny day with mountains all around. About wild berries and a mountain hut took out of postal cards.39441380_10215240553239902_3882531185817026560_n Yesterday was about the feeling of really conquering a mountain.
Dolomites greetings,

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