Day 8 in the Dolomites

Dear R,

Yesterday (too tired to write something after almost two stages of Alta Via2 in one day) was about signs. When you are hiking alone the signs, in my case the red-white strips, are one of the most faithful companions. 38916174_10215189957855049_3019904953083756544_nYou find them at almost every corner, on the rocks or trees. You find them when is fog, when is almost night, in the sea of rocks. With each one of them left behind, you know that you are closer to the final destination and as long as you see them, you know you are safe. And seeing one of these when you have the feeling that you are lost in the middle of nowhere, can give you a huge relief. I could call them a kind of guardian angel.
Yesterday was a day started super early and ended late. 39330637_10215233427781770_5869299451113242624_nI could say that I almost hiked from sunrise to sunset. It was a day full of rocks (at the end of the day I said to myself that I finally saw enough), of ups and downs, of face to face encounters with the chamois, of amazing challenging routes asking you to use legs, feet and creativity and small surprises, like meeting again my french hiking friends. This time not in rainy conditions. Just in time for saying goodbye and make a photo together.
Yesterday was about pushing limits and the feeling of tiredness.
And about a hut still waiting for you with the dinner prepared.

Dolomites Greetings,


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