Second day of biking tour: Murnau – Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Dear R,

The light from the south of France attracted many great painters. Others, like Kandinsky, one of my favorites, chosed Murnau. 32929193_10214603588876191_8881396750653325312_o
And today I understood why. Even if the mountains from his paintings are a little bit…different. Today was about Kandinsky’s Murnau and many lakes. 32912035_10214603579555958_2281792635465105408_oAnd mountains which are filling your heart. Even when they are stormy and covered by clouds. Beautiful and wild. And Murnauer Moos. 32932602_10214603580275976_6747045536391495680_oFull with wild flowers and bird watchers. A…and rain. Without sun. Only small and big drops. So big, that in the end I decided to take a train for 2 stations to arrive at my destination.

Sunny greetings,


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