A personalised Advent Calendar

Dear R(eader),

I have to share a secret with you.
I started to listen to Christmas Carols 2 weeks ago.
And today I searched in the basement for the box with Christmas decorations so that I can start to give my apartment a Christmas look.

December is my favorite winter month.
I like the lights, the scent of oranges, the hope and the joy that are sparkling in the air, the Christmas carols, the snow (if it is), the advent calendar.

I discovered the advent calendar when I moved to Germany. The 4 Sundays before Christmas or the 24 days before Christmas, are representing Advent time. A time of preparation. But, unlike the fasting period, Advent time is a season of joy, culminating with the biggest joy of the Christmas day. Because I like to believe that God is a God of joy.

The 24 days of the Advent Calendar, are representing 24 little joys, hopes, things to do that make the dark and cold winter days a little bit brighter.
Sometimes these joys can have the shape of small candies, or chocolates, small presents, small things that you know they could bring you joy.

This year I have already my chocolate advent calendar but I want a joy that lasts more than 5 seconds. So, my dear reader, I have the following request for you.

Tell me one thing to do in one of the following days: it can be a walk in the park, an ice skating evening, baking a new receipt of Christmas cookies, being part of a humanitarian Christmas project, etc. If you are in Munich, we can do it together. If not, I will do it thinking of you and maybe even send you a picture or something else to prove that I accomplished the task.

Photo by Lucie Liz on Pexels.com

I want to do more than enjoy my piece of swiss tasty chocolate also because the same as last year, the Coronavirus forces us to have an unusual, less socializing-friendly time.

So I want to fill my Advent Calendar with tasks and activities suggested by friends or by strangers. For a stronger feeling of connection, belonging, and for a joyful Advent Time.
So, what you will suggest me to do?

I wait for your answer in the commentaries until 1th of December.

Advent Greetings,

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