My first Tango lesson

Dear R,
Today I took my first spontaneous tango class. It is said that beautiful things happen when you expect less. Or when you don’t expect them at all. Like when in an absolutely normal evening someone comes to you and ask you if you want to dance the tango. Or to learn how to dance it. And you say yes having in mind that scene from “Scent of a woman”. The one that made you say to yourself that one day you want to learn to dance the tango. And they are the steps. Slow and elegant ones. You feel like flowing

30712560_10214395849522837_1826310902752739328_nMaybe because the best way for learning it is with eyes closed. For feeling only the rhythm, the music, the hand who guides you, the whispers of the steps. And the eights. When you have to know very well which is your left foot and your right foot. Almost like in climbing. And the music. Because the Tango songs are full of stories. Those stories between whose words you recognize yours. They are normal evenings who become memorable because you said yes. And that was one of them
Dancing greetings,
P.s. For more information about Tango classes cheek the FB page Tango Young Munich

Credit Photo: Daniela de Martino

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