On the top of….Germany

Dear Reader,
I am in Münchner house. The hut from almost the top of Zugspitze. The highest peak in Germany.
I needed 7 hours to conquer the top. Forest, rocks, cables, Johannisbeer Schorle, narrow paths, gravel. At the end of the 7 hours, the top was covered by fog. Completely. No majestic landscapes. No lakes. No mountains all around. No feeling that you are at the top of the world. But still, no frustration neither. Maybe because I didn’t have too much energy to invest in frustration after 7 hours of hiking. Or maybe because in the end, hiking it is not always about landscapes. Or beautiful mountains all around. These are like the cherry on the pie. Or the chocolate mousse from the middle. Hiking is about the lessons that I learn. About the joy of exceeding my limits and the fears for making the dreams come true. Even if their colors and shapes are different from the colors and shapes that they had in my head. I am in the hut and I am happy even I can see absolutely nothing excepting the bowl of warm soup that I have in front of me and the smile of the person which is on the other side of the table. I am happy because, in the end, hiking is about the journey and dreams becoming true in different shapes than the ones expected. But this fact doesn’t make them less beautiful.36639379_10214930143359849_6407841595017658368_n

High greetings,


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