Boulderwelt West

Dear R,

Today it was the day of open doors at Boulderwelt West. Good reason for exploring a new bouldering gym. And what a good time to explore it than a Saturday evening when the gym is empty and you have almost all the routes only for you. Even those a little bit harder that you don’t have enough courage to approach when they are too many people who are looking at you. 42318057_10215490418766384_5814798429250912256_nToday I tried to do different blue routes but my favorite one was the one who challenged me the most. The technical one with some balance issues. The one where you must stand up, embrace the wall, stretch as much as possible, grab strong and decided the grip and… top. The one who gave me the lesson of the day. That sometimes you must let the things go so that you can succeed. Let go what give you a safety net or a kind of stability. Or comfort. And only when you let something go you can grab the next good grip. Or the next good thing in life.

West greetings,


Technical Details:

Name: Boulderwelt West

Address:  Bertha-Kipfmüller-Straße 19, 81249 München

Program: Daily from 07:00 (Weekends 08:00)-23:00

Entry Price: 9.90 Euro


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