The highest point

Dear Reader,

Last year, on my birthday, my friends from home, challenged me to do different things. Doing all of them (or at least some of them because the list was too long to do them in only one day), I had the feeling that I am not alone, in a new city, without having friends around, exactly in one of those special days. R. gave me the task to admire the city from the highest point. 

I made a research and the winner was: Olympiaturm, the Television tour, situated in the Olympic Park. The good part was that you didn´t have to ask someones permission to go on the top. And if it is your birthday, you can go up for free.

My birthday, was a sunny day. So, I supposed that I will see everything. As far as possible. When I arrived on the top, I was surprised that just because of the sun I couldn’t see too far. His stark light blurred the view and my favorite mountains. But between the sunshine I could see some peaks. And they say that you can see even Venice from there. I suppose they have right.

I couldn’t stop to smile. Like if the sun and the mountains were there for me, for making my day special and bright. Too bright sometimes.

Thanks R for this great idea!

Many greetings from the Olympiaturm,


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