The lake of the King

Dear Reader,

After some researches I finally found it. My favorite place in Bavaria. At least until now. Konigsee. The lake of the King. That lake with crystal clear turquoise water surrounded by mountains. That place where you don’t know where to watch or what to listen first.IMG-20170617-WA0000 Or what to feel. Your echo, the Watzmann, the St. Bartholomä church, the sun playing in the water, the boat coming and going smoothly, the cold water, the warm sunshine.IMGP3063

I like Konigsee because of his water and mountains and I like Obersee, the small lake next to it because it is like a hidden gem. If you decide to take the boat and go until the end and after that not stay just on the shore but keep going, you will find it. And you will be so grateful for all the steps made. And for your decision. 19149455_10211911438814122_6370913491881457885_n

This day was one of those when I rediscovered that I don’t need too much to be happy. Just some mountains. A lake. Sun. And some friends. I didn’t find ice cream this time.IMGP3193(1)

Turquoise greetings from Konigsee,


Credit photo: Daphe Sourisseau

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