The cloud

Dear R, One of my favorite things to do at the end of a hike is to watch the clouds. To lay on the grass, feeling the sun and looking at the clouds moving, transforming, traveling. Learning from them about transforming and flowing. Cloudy greetings, C.

The lake of the King

Dear Reader, After some researches I finally found it. My favorite place in Bavaria. At least until now. Konigsee. The lake of the King. That lake with crystal clear turquoise water surrounded by mountains. That place where you don’t know where to watch or what to listen first.

The sour cherries

Dear Reader, Yesterday I found in a small Turkish shop, near to my working place, a box with fresh sour cherries. Small, dark-red, waiting for me in a corner. It was the last box. In the beginning¬† I did not know if they were my loved sour cherries. So, I look around me, left, right,…

First day in Munich

Dear R. , Yesterday evening, I just arrived in Munich. My small studio is still full of cartons, suitcases, smaller or bigger backpacks, and every other possible recipient which can contain something. I barely find a place to move between bed and bathroom.