First day in Munich

Dear R. ,

Yesterday evening, I just arrived in Munich. My small studio is still full of cartons, suitcases, smaller or bigger backpacks, and every other possible recipient which can contain something. I barely find a place to move between bed and bathroom.

Today, I made my first trip to the city. The first mission was to find the best public transport ticket. It was hard to find my way between rings, colors and unknown German words. So I choose a “Tagesticket” for “Innenraum”. This should be enough, isn’t? At least for a first day.

My biggest discovery of the day was the handcraft shop from the center. I think I spent there almost 2 hours, watching for materials for the camp where I go the next week. And founding other 100 Ideas of things which I would like to try.

I explored also the streets from the city center, the taste of the ice cream and the books from the libraries. And of course a little bit all the other shops, only for returning home late in the afternoon.

I like this city. But what else can you say at the end of a first day? I am really curious and excited about all the things which I will discover here.
Many greetings from Munich,

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