Day 3 in the Dolomites

Dear R,

Yesterday was about how in the end bad things can turn in good things. When I had to make the detour and slept at another hut than planned I was a little bit sad. Even if knew that it was the right decision. Yesterday I had to take the bus for returning on the good path. But when I arrived at Pass Pordoi my sadness was out and I knew why I was there. I had something to finish. Last year, when I made my first 3000th, I made a part of the route with the cable car. And I had the feeling that somehow I didn’t hike the peak completely. Yesterday I hiked the portion made last year by cable car. And I hiked the Piz Boe peak again. 38930717_10215200224191701_5605665257449062400_nBut beyond that, yesterday was about the lunar landscape of Piz Boe area.39012878_10215200226511759_7096555354871300096_n About warm tea and friendly hikers. About sleeping at 2857m and about the joy of discovering another shape of the Dolomites, after the perfectly shaped rocks of Odele.

Dolomites greetings,



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