Day 2 in the Dolomites

Dear R,
Today was, first of all, a long day full of all kind of emotions and wet feet. I wake up earlier than the sun. I wanted to see how it looks like when it greets the mountains for the first time. 38898954_10215189967015278_5727525131882856448_nToday’s hike had a lot of lessons. Lessons about paths which are looking so hard and impossible to do from far away only for finding the key about how to do them exactly when you are in front of them. Lessons about paths which are making so long detours which are looking without sense. But when you are on the top you understand that for your legs was better. About that feeling of fear when your path passes through the cows’ area. And you notice that the cows are in their “happy season” and don’t want you there at all. About the power of giving up because of rain and accepting to go to an easier to reach out. About small or big miracles. Like hearing the thunders when above you are still sun. Like seeing a rainbow in the middle of the clouds. Like finding the power to keep going despite the rain, the cold, the small pieces of ice. Like finding a free place in a hut. Like the surprising beauty of Odle.

Dolomites greetings,


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  1. Mr. X says:

    wow! I’m envious


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