First day in the Dolomites

Dear R,
The first day of my solohiking tour in the Dolomites was about a language which sounds like a day of a holiday. About the sufferance of a backpacker when he discovers that he can buy only one pair of socks. They are always two pairs. About the eternal waiting for the train and an ice cream who knew better days. About a sour apple which remembered me about childhood and me. The sour apples are my favorites sort of apple. About going up little by little surrounded by wind and clouds who are not close or strong enough for rain.
About the WAW moment when you see them.

38885424_10215181610446369_7857446452451082240_nThe Dolomites. In all their colors and perfect shapes. And you understand once again why did you come.
And the mountains who take different colors from one hour to another one and surprise you with each one of them, are the same as people. Or like me. They are always new nuances and color and discover.

Dolomites greetings,



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